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Ugh. Nothing worse than spending 3 weeks on a project only for it to fail miserably.

Img 0321[1] by Ambaryerno

Multiple problems with my latest sword:

1) Too heavy. It weighs almost as much as one of my wooden wasters!
2) Too much distal taper. I started with a wider blade with a nice taper towards the tip. The blade was too wide for my tastes at the base, so I trimmed it down. Too much, unfortunately, so the tip was probably too narrow.
3) Too bricky. Microcell foam is great because it's tough and durable, and as it wears it gets softer, but doesn't break down. Unfortunately, while this works pretty nicely for a light one-handed sword, for a longsword it's too stiff. It would soften up with a bit of use, but you REALLY don't want to get hit with it before then, which limits my options for viable targets to break it in on...
4) TOO reinforced. I strengthened the striking edge with strapping tape to help protect it beneath the PlastiDip outer coating, and that probably just ended up contributing to its brickiness.
5) Too stiff. There's VERY little flex to the core, so the sword is very stiff on impact. Which means there's very little give to absorb the force of impact, and that just compounds the other problems.

Unfortunately, there's not much I'll really be able to do to fix it (which SUCKS because I'm quite proud of how it turned out otherwise, especially given the time investment) so it's back to the drawing board. I've got a couple ideas for cores and foam that I'm going to try out, but damn it sucks sinking time into this and it going to waste.


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I'm St. Louis born and raised. I've been 3D modeling for a LONG time, though never done anything professionally. I'd love to get into it, though, so if anyone is looking for someone to make art assets...


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